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​The goal of this project was to think of a person that had an impact on me and create a visual narrative that captures the essence of one’s unique persona. I chose to use Yun Bong-Gil as the figure of this project because as a Korean who moved to the United States, there was nothing more than the story of his life that impacted me as much. Yoon Bong-Gil was a Korean independence activist during the Japanese Colonial Era, which was from 1910 to 1945. He took two bombs disguised as a water bottle and a bento box to a celebration of Emperor Hirohito’s birthday in Shanghai. He set off the water bottle bomb which killed several Japanese dignitaries and then tried to kill himself with the second bomb, but it did not explode which got him arrested and executed. The sequence starts by introducing who Yoon Bong-Gil is. Photos, a letter, and newspapers briefly show his legacy. A dark hallway implies the path Yoon Bong-Gil had to walk through to achieve his goal which is Korea’s independence from Japan. Finishes the sequences with the reveal of the objects that best represent Yoon Bong-Gil.


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